Few Steps from Home can help with your pet-related event or education!
Few Steps From Home of Bay City, Michigan can be scheduled to come to your pet-related event or school classroom to discuss animal welfare, Pit Bull myths, and other valuable pet and rescue related information.  Please contact us today to find out more: dogrescue0146@gmail.com
Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue
Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue, Inc. is an all-volunteer-run rescue.  We are committed to helping dogs and cats across the USA.  Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue, was formed to help unwanted, abandoned, and abused animals get the medical attention, rehabilitation~both physical & mental, and the love that they need.  We believe every pet deserves a "Happily Ever After", so we work to find them loving, responsible homes that they can finally call their "Fur-ever Home".   Help us to help the animals who are just a Few Steps From Home to find their Furever Homes.   Please,  won't
you consider adopting, fostering, donating or volunteering today?
We're just two of the wonderful pets in need of loving homes.  Check out everybody else by clicking a "PAW PRINT"
Articles and videos on Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue Inc. 

See a Video by the Bay City Times by Clicking here about Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue

Meet Your Neighbor: Linda Atkins of A Few Steps from Home Animal Rescue

The first biggest case we worked on
Thor's Warriors, part One

Thor's Warriors, part Two
We have also been featured in many local newspapers, and Heather Smith has been nominated as hometown hero in Bay County through the Bay City Times a few years ago.

Contact Information:

Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue, Inc.
PO BOX 1547
BAY CITY, MI 48706-0547
For dog related questions

For cat related questions

We are located in Bay County/Midland County, but serve all of the US
Sweet Pea
Few Steps From Home is "rescue friendly".  We will work with other rescues to help the animals.  If a pure-bred dog comes into our system, we will happily accept help from pure-bred rescues since they specialize in that breed, as well as networking with many rescues across the usa to help animals in need.  This will leave us open to help the many mixed breeds out there that need us. 
Remember, if rescues will all work together, we can help so many more.
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Our  Mission:
  • We are a Values~Driven organization, and our mission is to provide loving and caring environments, as well as individualized health care to all of the animals in our care.
  • We are committed to assisting animals in finding their forever homes, as well as helping the animals and their new families to achieve the highest level of independence after adoption.
  • We strive to make our services provided by our, compassionate, competent, caring volunteers, of the highest quality provided in a cost-efficient, optimal outcome focused manner.
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•Any fan of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky franchise would recognize what slobbery 145-lb bullmastiff that stars as Rocky’s pet.

for every purchase a donation will go towards our rescue!  Just to be sure to select Few Steps From Home!
Hi!  My name is Wylie. I am a Big solid boy  born in 2007 sometime. I can be shy but get me on your lap or give me treats and Ill be purring  away. And one feature about me..I have beautiful blue eyes!

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers and to all of our wonderful supporters!

Consider being a Guardian Angel for one of the pets on our site.

What is a Guardian Angel include?
This includes picking one pet of your choice and supplying the pet with either vet care still needed if any, cat food, litter, dog food, bones, treats toys. warm bedding for both cats and dogs (ones that can not be chewed by the dogs though!)

Through Guardian Angel program you will get the following:
updates on your pet you are virtually fostering, photographs, thank you cards from the pet, as well as updates on if the animal gets adopted while you are watching over them.

Please take a moment to check out our newsletter!

Would you like to help but don't know how? Well we have MANY great opportunities for volunteers.  Many positions you do not even have to leave your home for!
This is just the most urgent one at the time!



*Canned Cat Food
*Dry Cat Food URGENT
*Clumping Cat Litter URGENT
*Cleaning Supplies
*Storage Space for overflow of products
*Office supplies
*Gas cards
*Gift cards to home improvement stores
*Monetary donations

Currently LITTER, DRY  CAT FOOD  and CANNED CAT FOOD is the most URGENT of our needs. PLEASE help us be able to continue to feed and care for these sweet souls.

The Bond with a True DOG is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be.
-Konrad Lorenz
"You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who KEEPS people, because cats find humans useful domestic animals."
If you think dogs can't count try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and giving fido only two of them
Phil Pasteroret
Hi there! I'm Kilo. I am a Basenji  mix. I am about 1 years old and I am such a fun loving guy. I am looking for my forever home. I have been in rescue for so long. I NEED a home so  badly of my own. I'm really feeling sad that I do not have one yet. I love to play ball. Won't you be the peson to take me home to play ball with me?
Welcome to our new newsletter writer Pam!