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Few Steps From Home
PO BOX 1547
BAY CITY, MI 48706-0547
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How you can help....
If you can't afford to donate money and still want to help the animals, consider donating your time.  Do you love animals and have a few spare minutes a day or a few hours a month?   We always need volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Transportation help with animals to and from the vet
  • Help with home visits (training is provided!)
  • Help with dog training, socialization, and animal clean up
  • Cattery help, cat and kitten socialization and litter box clean up
  • Event help for the meet and greets and other events
  • Foster homes for dogs and cats, we supply the vet care, you supply the love

If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions please contact for more information on how to get started!
Out shopping for your own pets?  Consider picking up extra food or toys for donating to our rescue!  Here are a few of the products and items that we are always in need of:
  • Dog and Cat food - {Made in the USA only Please}
  • Pet beds
  • Scratching posts for cats
  • Pee pads for puppies
  • Kongs for dogs - Small, Medium & Large
  • Dog & Cat Treats - {Made in the USA Only Please}
  • Leather Leashes
  • Collars - NO choke collars please
  • Prepaid gasoline cards (to help in the transport of animals)
  • Pet store gift certificates or cards
  • Flea control, heartworm medicine or dog shampoo
Few Steps From Home operates solely on generous donations from people like you.  We appreciate any help you can provide toward vet bills and other urgent needs.  Please make checks payable to "Few Steps From Home" and what it is to be used towards, either on a separate piece of paper or in the memo line. (i.e. ~ Vet Bills, Food, Toys, etc.)
Send To:

P.O. BOX 1547
BAY CITY, MI 48706-0547

Or you can donate online with PayPal by
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Order bones today for your furry friend.  just be sure to check the Few Steps From Home box so we can get credit for your purchase!
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you and I can use....You can chose something for Few Steps From Home, or something for yourself.  Use the CAT and we get credit for the sale in the form of donation to Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue
    We are in DESPERATE need of foster homes and families to help us with our dogs, and occasionally puppies.  ALL of our rescue dogs and puppies are placed into foster homes until they are adopted. That can be anywhere from a few days to a few months.
     If you would like to know more about becoming a foster for a beautiful, loving dog, or maybe a puppy...please follow this link to a page with more information regarding Fostering, and what we do, and what to expect
PLEASE consider FOSTERING, Help Us to Help Them!!
          CLICK HERE to learn more

Click the NEEDED box to learn more about what volunteer positions we are looking for help with.  We would love to have you!  If you are in school, but still need your Community Service hours filled, we can do that too!  Just let us know that on the application.


Once there was a rescue that was on the top of the world and all was good for the animals. Along came human errors, needs, wants, desires, outside of the rescue staff and little by little by little – the walls came crashing down and the animals are losing.

Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue is a volunteer-run rescue formed to help unwanted and abused animals. Their mission was to get them the medical attention they needed to make them whole again and find homes with real hearts for the remainder of their lives.

And this is exactly what they were doing until a few years ago when things went downhill. We will not bore you with the details – our bottom line now is that if we do not get some financial gain, we will have to close our doors; thus, leaving more animals on the street and being killed by kill shelters on a daily basis. One animal dead is too many!

For example - animals like Bailey, who is totally unadoptable due to not liking people (he has two people in his life at the rescue that he loves) constantly need food, medical attention, etc. We need sponsors for dogs like Bailey. And where then, will Bailey go? And, many cats depend us on a daily basis also for not only food and liter but for the hearts that work with them and give them the love and attention they deserve.

Circumstances are in the past and we are looking toward the future for God’s beloved animals. We would like to be able to continue to help those who no one wants. Please open your hearts and pockets to help us with our work and find a place that we can call home and, once again, give those unwanted animals a “few steps” toward home.

As we know "Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal, their world is changed forevever” and especially the “UNWANTED,” for they have no place to go. Our work is so needed and YOU are needed to keep us going. Please dig down deep in your pockets and give from your beautiful heart. We don’t want to close our doors – we can’t close our hearts. Can you open yours?

Blessings and thank you to all!
Please click             "our broken heart" so we can continue to help the animals in need, so we can mend the broken hearts.
Buy one "Buddy's Box", and send one to our organization for free!  Buddy's Box sends doggies a monthly box of goodies ~ customized to fit the needs and wants of your buddy!  But the best part is you will be supporting local businesses because all of the items are from our local region!  Our buddies are going to be so excited to receive their boxes!  Thank you for your support.

Click to buy a box for your pet and donate one to us!